Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pin Up Zombie Creations Goodies Review!

Hello guys ^^

Today I will be reviewing a store called Pin Up Zombie Creations!

It’s a store for girls with lots of attitude and with an edge!* There’s a lot to chose from, like bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, rings, etc…
I will show you two items, a pair of skeleton hairclips and a set of 3 day of the dead bracelets!

Here is the link to the shop :

Let’s start then!*

Everything came safely packaged in a cute pink envelope ^^

 Here is the business card, back and front*

Fist I will show you the bracelets *

The colors (as you can see) are all different, blue, white and purple! In my opinion they look great together and give a lovely touch to your outfit.

The size is great, the skulls are not too big or to small! The bracelet stretches so it will fit anyone! They are colorful and fun to use*
Also they are great for Halloween season!

They look like this in the wrist*

Next I will show you the skeleton hairclips*

Personally I love this item! I think is original, fun and beautiful ^^

The little black bow is such a girly touch! (there are more colors available) It makes the skeleton hand way more interesting! This item will make everyone look at you for sure! Again it’s a perfect item for Halloween season!!  
The skeleton hands came with an alligator clip, they look pretty resistant and the size is perfect!

They look like this putted on*

Make sure to check out this lovely store! Especially if you like fun and edgy stuff! <3