Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kawaii Castel Review!!

Hello lovelies *

Today I will be reviewing a store called KAWAII CASTEL!

It’s a lovely store with a lot of cute and pretty items! In this store you will find colorful, girly, pastel goth, pastel, lolita, and fun items! There’s a lot to choose from like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, plugs, rings, phone cases, air accessories and more!  I will show you 3 pairs of earrings :D

Here are the links to the shop:
Tumblr ->

Ok let’s get started*

As you can see everything came safely packaged, every item came in a different plastic bag decorated with cute hello kitty stikers! ^^

I got a cute note in a hello kitty sheet ^^ so lovely*

The business card! It’s so pretty, cute, and pink! :D

First I will show you the cross earrings*

I really really like them, they are so cute and edgy, the intense green color and the pretty purple color in make booth pairs are lovely and make them pop out, they are great to give life and color to your outfits ^^
 They aren’t to extravagant, to big, or heavy, in fact they aren’t heavy or uncomfortable at all!

Also they look great when putted on, and they give a very fun (but discrete) touch to your outfit! ^^

And one thing about the green ones is that the cross is inverted!

And for last i will show you the heart candy earrings :D

I like them a lot, they are so cute and girly. The pastel colors are lovely, and each earring has a different color (yellow and pink), they have a also a different saying in each earring! I think they are great if you are searching for a more soft, cute, angelical and feminine look. 
Also i love the cute teddy bear detail. ^^

I think this item is great for spring and summer.
Again the earrings aren’t uncomfortable or heavy at all!

Make sure to check out this lovely store! Specially if you like sure, fun, colorful and sweet items <3