Sunday, October 13, 2013

DRESSLINK SHOES REVIEW - Platform Boots & White Creepers

Hi guys, today I will be reviewing two pairs of shoes that Dresslink kindly sent me!

Dresslink is an online store that sells a really big variety of pretty stuff, like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and more. The prices are very very good and  like there’s so much stuff to choose from  everyone will be pleased.

And besides the prices being super reasonable, there are a lot of sales and discounts all the time!

Don’t forget to take a look.

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I was incredibly pleased when the shoes came in the mail, and I’m very pleased with the shoes themselves! Well, like I said before I will show you two pairs of shoes, a pair of black platform boots and a pair of white creepers!
Let’s start!

As you can see, the shoes came in two boxes inside this huge envelope.
The boxes got a bit “smashed” during the strip, but nothing bad happened to the shoes :D

The boxes have pretty detailed drawings in them, that’s such a cute touch.

The boots came without the shoe lace on them, that’s good because you may want to put a colorful shoe lace or something like that, and you won’t have the work of taking it all off.

-Net Weight: 637g.
-Material: Suede Synthetic Leather + Rubber.

-Two Colors: Black, White.

-Heel: approx. 7cm (2.7").
-Platform: approx. 4cm (1.6").

I think this boots are really pretty and stylish, they can go with a lot of outfits and they have a nice simple design that I just love.

And the platform is lovely, I’m a sucker for platform shoes/boots and I am very pleased with the platform of these. It’s really resistant, hard but not heavy at all!

The boots themselves are pretty resistant too, they are tight but comfortable, my feet didn’t felt tired or uncomfortable in them. And there boots are pretty warm too! Which is great for cold days.
Also they didn’t had any kind of strong smell due to the material. 

They came with a long and thin black shoe lace.

Overall, I’m loving them! They very comfortable and look amazing.

The only thing I recommend is to buy a size up, because your regular size may be a little smaller if you compare them to your regular shoes, besides that I have nothing to point out,  so if you like the boots, fell free to get them because you won’t have any complains or problems.

You can find them here: X,  for  $ 9,90 only!

The box of these had a cute shoes printed on the top.

-Net Weight: 622g.
-Material: Synthetic Leather.
-Colors: Black, White.
-Occasion: Casual.
-Platform: approx. 4.5cm.

About these lovely shoes what I have to say is that they are great, honestly. If I had anything bad to say I would. My feet fit perfectly in these shoes, the size is perfect, not too big or too small.

Also they are pretty resistant too, I don’t think they will get damaged soon.

Another thing I love about them is the simple and clean design, they don’t have big detailing, they are describe and beautiful, all white, so they will go with a big variety of outfits.

And the platform is pretty awesome, tick but not heavy!
They are super lightweight on the feet and really comfy and warm. My feet didn’t get tired and I didn’t felt any kind of pain in my feet when I’m using them.

They come with a medium large shoe lace.

As you can see they look awesome.

If you like them go ahead, I honestly have nothing bad to point out.
You can find them here: X For  $ 9,90 only!

Hope you liked my review, and don’t forget to check out Dresslink!


  1. You' choise of shoes is really good! I love the white creepers, they are soft and cool! Really good for this spring!

  2. The box of products so bad but Shoes are good :)
    Thank you for your review Sweetie ^^''

  3. Hi, the shoes are lovely! Just wondering, what size shoe are you? And did you get a size up from your normal shoe size or go for the recommended? :)