Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glitzy Wonderland Rocking Horse Shoes Review

Hi everyone,

Today I will be reviewing a pair of black rocking horse shoes from a store called Glitzy Wonderland

Both the shop and the seller are wonderful, the seller, bathingcat, is super sweet and it’s a top rated seller on ebay , also has earned a track record of excellent service, ships items quickly and consistently receives highest buyers' ratings

 This shop has a lot of cute tight highs, tattoo tights, frilly socks, amazing shoes, that are great for Lolita fashion and for everyone who likes the popular shoes used in Japan, there’s also a bunch of cute clothes to choose from as well.

The sore has really lovely items’ at great price and everything is really high quality, You really should take a look at this shop, go ahead and do it ^^

Here is the link: x

Let’s start with the review then.

As you can see the shoes came carefully packaged in a regular shoes box,

They came to me perfect, without a single scratch! They had those protective paper balls to keep their shape.

I think these shoes are beautiful and their quality is amazing, also I'm glad to say they fit me like a dream!  

The material of these shoes is synthetic leather, (honestly I HATE real leather, we are not caveman that need the poor animal skin to be warm)  the height of these are 2 1/4'' high.

And the heels are not made from actual wood despite how they look. They look like they are made from genuine wood but actually they are made from foam!

Personally I think the foam is better than the wood, its way more comfortable and safer to walk in than real heavy wood. And honestly the sole really looks like real wood! It’s impossible to know its foam unless you touch the sole.

What I can see in a few words to describe theses shows is that there are no defects, they are super lightweight and surprisingly comfortable 

As you can see they look amazing in the feet, I honestly recommend them to anyone who likes this kind of shoes, they super comfy and their quality is amazing!

So make sure to check out Glitzy Wonderland shop!

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