Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shoo Bargain Pu Studded Creepers Review

Hi guys,

Today I will be reviewing a pair of pu studded creepers from a lovely shop called Shoo Bargain, this shop is great for everyone who loves shoes! Personally I’m a sucker for shoes, and when I first saw this shop I felt in love. They have a huge variety of amazing shoes to choose from, with an amazing great price! Honestly what’s better then beautifully and great quality shoes at a super affordable price?

Here are some of the items you will find in this Shoo Bargain:

Aren’t they beautiful?

And don’t forget to check out this amazing shop, here’s the link: x

The shoes came safely inside a recyclable box. Inside the box each shoe came inside an individual plastic bag, for protection of course.

They also had inside them those typical paper balls to keep the shape of the shoes.

I’m sorry for all the pictures but I just couldn’t hold myself, In my opinion these shoes are gorgeous! They came perfect to me, without a single scratch!

They are pretty heavy and super resistant. Honestly they are made of the best stuff, and they are made with pu leather, I prefer fake leather honestly, in fact I hate when someone uses real leather or fur, that’s just cruel. I mean would you like that someone just skinned you alive ( yeah, they remove the animals skin while he are still alive) just to make a coat?

Like I was saying he are great quality and super comfortable, honestly they aren't painful at all, and the soles are heavy and thick so they won’t bend with your foot. These shoes don't cause me any discomfort and they're pretty easy to walk in.

The stitching is great, the suds are attached firmly, in fact I didn’t find a single defect in these shoes, I’m really pleased with their quality.  And they fit me perfectly, when I used them I don’ fell pain in any part of my feet.

 They look great in the feet and they are gorgeous , and they look great with almost every coordinate.

 So go ahead and take a look at Shoo Bargain!

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