Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kittys Finds kitten tights review!

Hi everyone ^^

Today I have a review to share with you all, a really cute store sent me some lovely kitty tights!

This shop sells a bunch of cute and fashionable things, like sweaters, skirts, tights and way more!

It’s totally worth checking this shop out, so here is the link: x

Everything came in a regular package, the product arrived to me in perfect quality and just like it was in the pictures in the shop.

Sorry but my kitten went all crazy with the package.

Here you can see all the details of the tights.

In my opinion, they are excellent quality, the fabric is great and the print of the kitten’s face, (besides being glued or stamped) seems very good too.

One thing I really like about them is that they are super warm, comfortable and cozy! They are perfect for cold days.
Because I’m quite short I was concerned that they wouldn’t fit well but I was wrong! They feat perfectly, they don’t make my skin itchy (and my skin is pretty sensitive), they aren’t too tight or loose. I think they adapt pretty well to legs shape, and they are very comfortable on the waistline, they stay in place really.

And besides all that they have the cutest detail on both feet, the bottom is a lovely kitten face too!

And finally this is how they look on me.

Hope you liked the review, and if you like the tights I really recommend you to buy the on Kitty’s Finds, they are great quality and super comfy!

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