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♥ kawaii surprises review ♥

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Hello baby dolls 

I’m back with another review.

This one is for a storenvy shop called Kawaii Surprises. This shop offers a big variety of Japanese candy, snacks and other kawaii goods like stationary, pouches, charms and more.

In addition to selling individual items, they also offer a variety of “surprise packages” with various themes.
Also Kawaii Surprises ships from Japan, so expect your package to take at least 2-3 weeks to arrive.
The package they sent me was the Mini Kawaii Surprise Package. This package features beautiful cute items from Japan, and it’s only $19.99!

If you are curious about this adorable shop – that I’m sure you are – don’t hesitate and check it out.

Kawaii Surprises Shop - [  ]
Mini Kawaii Surprise Package - $19.99 - [  ]
Kawaii Surprise Package - $33.50 - [  ]

Now onto the pictures

As you can see everything was packed in a regular brown envelope and inside the envelope was a plastic bag of goodies wrapped and sealed in a layer of cushioned paper. There was also an adorable card with a lovely message.

Here are all he goods they kindly sent to me. The first item is a note pad set, its super sweet, the colors are super pretty and soft and the paper is scented with a sweet fragrance.

Next there’s this milky tissue set, the tissues are very soft and also scented.

This cute box holds a rectangular pink eraser inside, it smells complexly like some strawberry candy! And it has a texture that’s different from regular erasers, honestly it looks like gum, yes that’s right, chewing gum! It even stretches! I think its super cool, I never had something like this.

Next is this My Melody Pencil case, It’s made out of plastic and the bottom is transparent, It’s super pink and pretty, I really like it, it’s great to put your school pencils and pens or even makeup.

They also sent me this beautiful Aristocats pastel pencil. It’s a normal B pencil. ^^ 

I also got this cute roll cake charm, the colors are very pretty and it’s pretty soft to the touch. 

Next is one of my favorite items, it’s a cute pastel notepad that has to writing sections. The colors are beautiful and soft, and it has cute candy drawings everywhere. It also has a protective transparent plastic sheet protecting it, and the pages are scented with the sweetest scent!

I’ve got this cute Hello Kitty plastic bag too! It’s supper pretty and great for makeup. It came with this card with it that I find pretty cute.

I also got these cute puffy animal stickers! I don’t know why but I have a thing for stickers and stationary, so you can guess I really liked these too. And they have tiny glitters all over them, which make them extra cute.

And lastly but not least there’s this beautiful letter set! I really like it, it’s so delicate and it gives the impression that was hand painted with aquarelles, and it’s also scented! It includes 10 writing sheets, 5 envelopes and 5 stickers.

Overall I have to say Kawaii Surprises is a pretty great store! They offer great packages at an affordable prices, great quality items, is pretty reasonable, and the client service is great, they answer everything promptly. So overall I give Kawaii Surprises 5 starts out of 5! So if you like any of the items or packages don’ hesitate and go ahead you won’t regret it.

Bye bye and take care lovelies. 

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