Monday, September 1, 2014

Tappuri Fashion Dress Review

Hello guys

Today I will be doing a review for Tappuri Fashion. Tappuri Fashion is a storenvy store that sells a big selection of cute clothing items, you can find a lot of beautiful Asian branded clothes in Tappuri Fashion, also the prices are great and there’s free shipping in several products!

You can access the store here: [ x ] 

I will be reviewing the white lacy short-sleeved dress, it’s a beautiful, delicate and girly dress that you can find here [ x ] for $28.58

Here are the pictures~

The dress came in the standard USPS white envelope and it was also in a thin plastic bag. There were no tears or wrinkles in the dress or any kind of damage, it arrived in to my hands completely safe and with no damage.

The dress is gorgeous and great quality. It’s fully made of a beautiful lace fabric on the outside, the lace makes the dress super delicate and elegant, but besides being so delicate the dress fells really sturdy, and there are no lose threads, the stitching is perfect, and the tiny button on the back its very well attached, the manufacturing in this dress is great quality, there are absolutely no defects.

The dress is very comfortable and the fabric that is inside it is super soft and fresh when in contact with the skin. Also it has a elastic band around the waist line and that makes it extra comfy.

Further information :

Color: White 
Fabric: Lace 
Gross Weight: 400 Grams 
Size: Free Size 
Shoulder: 38 cm 
Length: 100 cm 
Bust: 86 cm 
Waist: 54 - 100 cm 
Sleeve Length: 25 cm 
Condition: 100% Brand New / Without Any Accessories

And here I am wearing the dress ~


Shipping and delivery :  imageimageimageimageimage
The shipping time was great, I was really impressed with how quickly this arrived, and the dress arrived in perfect condition.

Communication : imageimageimageimageimage
Tappuri Fashion team was incredibly nice and polite to me during every stage of the process. They always answered my questions super quickly. They truly have a great customer service and really care about the client needs.

 Product quality and comfortability : imageimageimageimageimage
The dress is just incredibly, the design and fabric are both gorgeous, the quality is great, there isn't a single loose threat or defect, and I have to say the manufacturing is excellent. I really recommend this dress. Also is super comfy and fresh, it’s light and soft on the skin.

Overall : imageimageimageimageimage
 Tappuri Fashion was so amazing to work with, they are super polite and caring. I would definitely purchase from them in the future and highly recommend them. The products are also amazing quality and gorgeous, the dress they sent me has not a single defect and lastly shipping is super fast and free! So obviously I’ll give 5 stars out of five!


Thank you Tappuri Fashion for providing me these lovely dress to review.
Hope you all enjoyed my review.
Bye bye, and take care. ♥
-Kuriku image

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