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DressLily Review – Dress and frilly socks

DressLily Review – Dress and frilly socks image

Hello guysimage

Today I will be doing a review for DressLily DressLily is an online store that sells a wide selection of clothing items, accessories and jewelry. The prices are affordable and DressLily also offers free worldwide shipping!

You can access the store here: [ x ] 

The items I will be reviewing are a denim dress and a pair of frilly floral socks.  

Enjoy the pictures!

Fisrt of all the package, it’s a regular plastic envelope as expected and a flyer with DressLily  info and a cute note.

-Denim Dress

So the first item I will show you is the Denim Dress, it’s a simple and cute dress that’s great for summer.


Here are the pictures of all the details in the dress. One thing that disappointed me was the huge amount of loose threads in the dress, the quality of the fabric seems good to me but the manufacturing process looks sloppy and careless. Also the dress was extremely wrinkled when I took it out the package. The fabric itself when in contact with the skin is fresh and quite comfortable. Again the sewing work is pretty bad so maybe the buttons will fall off eventually? And honestly this dress looked better in the website stock photo.

 Further information :

Style: Casual, Ruffle Neckline 
Fabric: Cotton Blend

Neckline: Scoop Neck 
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeves

Accessories: None

Occasion: Casual, Outdoor 
Season: Summer

Package Contents: 1 x Dress
Product Notes: Wash by hand in 30 degree Celsius water, hang to dry, avoid bleaching.

You can find this dress here: [ x ] for $14.42/ €11.47/ £9.14

And here I am wearing the dress ~


-Frilly socks 

And the last item, and in my opinion the best, is a pair of pretty floral brown frilly socks. There are 4 colors available – black, pink, green and brown – but the color you get is random, you can’t choose it, mine are in brown.

I have nothing to complain in what comes to the socks, they are great quality, super comfortable and smooth, the floral pattern is lovely and there are no lose threads or any kind of defect. I really like and recommend them.

Further information :

Group: Adult 
Gender: Women 
Style: Fashion 
Pattern Type: Floral 
Material: Cotton 
Weight: 0.05KG 
Package Contents: 1 x Socks(Pair)

You can find the socks here: [ x ] for $4.67/ £2.96/ £2.96



Shipping and delivery : imageimageimageimage
The shipping time was good to me, the products didn’t got to me super fast but they didn’t took ages to get here either.

Communication : imageimageimageimageimage
The marketing department of DressLily was nice and polite during the all process.  They were available so answer my questions rapidly. 

Product quality and comfortability :imageimageimage
Well the dress was a big disappointment, the loose threads are awful but is quite comfortable. The socks are perfect, super well made, comfortable and cute.

Overall :imageimageimageimage
Overall I’ll give DressLily and the products they provide me 4 stars out of five! Communication and shipping were both great, again the dress is not that good but the socks are amazing and very well manufactured without any kind of defect. I’m very pleased and happy with all them.


Thank you DressLily for providing me these lovely products to review.
Hope you all enjoyed my review.
Bye bye, and take care. ♥
-Kuriku image

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