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Blippo Review - Pocky sticks and Rilakkuma note sticker set.

Blippo Review ~ Pocky sticks and Rilakkuma note sticker set. 

Hello guys  Today I will be reviewing some lovely products Blippo Kindly sent me. Blippo offers all sorts of Japanese accessories, snacks, candy, stationary and more, they have a huge selection of products available with great quality and affordable price. They also sell popular character products like Rilakkuma, My Melody, Alpacasso, Sentimental Circus, Hello Kitty and more.

Here are some of the products you can find at Blippo:

Anime and Manga magazines.
Japanese candy and snacks. (Pocky, Yan-Yan, Meltykiss, etc.)
Mobile accessories.  (Charms, cases, decoden pieces, etc. )
Japanese magazines. (Fashion and music,  ex: CanCam, Popteen, ViVi, etc. )
Japanese stationary. (Pens, pencils, erasers, pencil cases, notebocks, stickers, etc. )
Bags, wallets, pouches.
Dolls. (Blythe, etc.)
Home and deco items. (Bento boxes, cups, mugs, figures, etc.)
DIY supplies and sets.
And more!

                     And here are some of the cute characters you can find merchandise of at Blippo:

Sentimental Circus.
Glommy Bear.
My Melody.
Hello Kitty.
Nintendo Characters.
And more!

Blippo ships from Canada and offers free shipping for several countries and free returns!

Blippo:  [x]

 The products I will be reviewing are:

Pocky Biscuit Sticks – Milk [x] (€ 1.90/ $ 2.50/ £ 1.55)
Rilakkuma Note Sticker Set – Pink [x] (€ 3.50/ $ 4.61/ £ 2.85)

And here are the pictures:

Here is the package with all the goodies inside, as you can see everything came super protected. Also the card box had this really cute doodles decorating it.

Blippo also send me a lovely keychain as a surprise goodie! Thank you so much.

Pocky Biscuit Sticks

The first item are this delicious Pocky sticks (25g)! They are milk flavored, they are covered with a yellow and creamy milk flavored frosting. One thing I love about Japanese candy and snacks is their amazing package, as you can see these Pocky sticks came inside the cutest package, every detail of the design is so pretty and eye catching, just look at the little cow!

The package had a little informational thingy to tell you how to open it but I didn't want to ruin it so I opened it from the bottom.

Honestly the Pocky sticks are super delicious, the frosting is creamy and melts in your mouth, the flavor is really pleasing and sweet and to me it kinda tastes like crème brulle. The stick is super crunchy and has a lovely neutral taste.

Rilakkuma Note Sticker Set

Next is the Rilakkuma note set, this set looks like a little book and inside is completely filled with various sticky notes all decorated with lovely Rilakkuma images. And as you can see the covers are super sparly and are also made form a sturdy card material.

The amount of note paper provided is really big, when you see the note pad closed it doesn't look at all that the inside has this much note paper. The design, both inside and out is completely adorable, the colors inside are soft and pretty and all the images are beautiful and delicate. Also the format in this product makes it super convenient, it’s great to carry around inside your bag or to use in school.

Surprise goodie.

They were super kind to send me this lovely key chain, it’s super cute and the material of what it’s made is rubber. Thank you so much!

Overall I have to say Blippo is a great choice to shop from, they offer a huge selection of items at great prices and quality, what you’ll see on the website is exactly what you will get. The customer service is excellent and if you order from Blippo shipping will possible be free. I give Blippo five starts out of five on service, products and shipping.


Thank you Blippo for providing me this lovely items to review.
Hope you all enjoyed my review.
Bye bye, and take care. ♥
-Kuriku image

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