Saturday, August 23, 2014

Modes4u Rilakkuma plushie review.

Hi guys!

Today I will be reviewing a very special and cute item from Modes4u!

Modes4u is an online store that sells a big variety of kawaii items, things like stationary, re-ment miniatures, bento boxes, arts and crafts supplies, accessories, fabrics, plush toys and way more! Everything is quite affordable and nothing is fake, all the plushies, stationary, etc it’s from the real and genuine brand.

The team from Modes4u kindly sent me a Rilakkuma charm plushie to review and honestly it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Click here to check out all the cute items in Modes4u [ x ]

Click here for the Rilakkuma plushie [ x ] that is available for 6,39 EUR only.

And currently at Modes4u if you buy items worth 60€ / US$78 / £54 or more you get FREE shipping on your order!

So let's start then!

So here is the package, it’s a regular brown paper envelope and the plushie was inside it but it wasn't in direct contact with the envelope, it was inside a cute sealed plastic bag.

Here is the company business card with all the info.

They were super kind and also send me this cute Eiffel Tower deco tap! It’s really delicate and in a beautiful pastel blue shade. Thank you so much Modes4u!

And here is the plushie! Obviously is by the popular Japanese brand San-x, and it’s basically big enough to fit in an open hand, well at least fits mine (14cm / 5.5") as you will be able to see further on. This Rilakkuma plushie has a golden chain attached that you can use to hang the plushie to your handbag, backpack, cell phone, etc. But you can also remove the chain if you want, it’s detachable.

Honestly I can’t even explain how much I love the plush itself. Besides being completely adorable it’s really high-quality, extremely soft and very well manufactured. I did not find any kind of manufacturing defects, lose threads, and not a single fiber was coming out the plushie.

The plushie is very well stuffed and every details is super well made, it has a perfectly cute face and the fur is super soft.


Customer Service: 
The website is very simple to use and the staff is very efficient, polite and professional. The answered all my questions right away.

In what comes to quality there’s nothing better really, the plushie its excellent quality, super well made, really soft and completely adorable. And like I said before I didn't find a single negative thing or defect on this plushie.I really recommend it.

I love everything about my new plushie, the quality is amazing and the customer service is great. 

So guys if you like this plushie don’t hesitate get it now only for 6,39 EUR, you won’t regret it! And hurry up because there are only 5 left! 

Thank you Modes4u for providing me this lovely plushie to review.
Hope you all enjoyed my review.
Bye bye, and take care. ♥
-Kuriku image

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