Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bunny Paige Goodies Review!

Hello ^^

Today I will be reviewing a lovely store called Bunny Paige! I will be showing you two items, a spike headband and an eyeball ring (:
In this shop you can find beautiful and original accessories to spice up your look ;)

Here are the links to the shop, make sure to check it out!<3

Now lets get into the pictures*

Everything came safely packaged in this big box, with a lots of bubble wrap and purple paper sheets


Also there was something I love, a super sweet note, so kind <3 Thank you so much honey!

The items I’ve got! Here are the links:

This is the beautiful eyeball ring I’ve got, I like it so much! It’s edgy but so girly and glamorous at the same time.

It’s adjustable and the eyeball it’s handcrafted! The ring is surrounded with clear Swarovski crystals! The ring is quite big but it’s not heavy or uncomfortable to use at all. The crystals give a very girly and delicate touch to this accessory but the eye make it edgy and fun! 

I think it’s a great piece of jewelry because it goes great with a lot of different outfits and colors! It’s definably eye-catching but it’s not extravagant or too creepy <3 

Looks like this when putted on! So pretty!

Well next I will show you this beautiful spiked headband!

It’s a Black satin ribbon-wrapped headband with sparkling Swarovski crystals and black spikes! Again it’s girly and really edgy at the same time! The spikes make it very “punk, rock” but the crystals give a lovely feminine touch to it! 

The spikes are not too long at all, they are quite discrete actually, but of course this is a very eye-catching accessory. The headband itself it’s not heavy or uncomfortable, the fact the colors are all black it’s great because black goes with pretty much everything, every outfit, every color, everything! 

Looks like this in the hair ^^

Make sure to check out this lovely store, especially if you like edgy, feminine and fun accessories! <3


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