Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rustic Vengeance Jewelry Review!

Hello ^^

Today I will be reviewing a really cute shop called Rustic Vengeance! It’s a lovely store with a lot to choose from! Here you can find cute and pretty rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, etc… everything is really colorful and fun! 

Here are the links to the store, make sure to check it out! ^^

As you can see everything came safely packaged ^^

This is the business card! How cute <3

Let’s start with the two beautiful skull bracelets I’ve got! They came in such a cute little envelope thingy <3

Here are the bracelets! They are so colorful and pretty (: I love them *

Here are the links:

Both of them are stunning! I love the bright colors and the cute skulls, they will spice up your look for sure * I think the bracelets are great for summer and spring, the colors will pop out in your wrist (:

The material is very good quality and they are not heavy at all! Look at the cute star detail in the blue one! <3

They look like this on the wrist! So cute <3

Next I will show you the necklace and ring I’ve got ^^I love them *

About the ring, well I totally love it! As you can tell I really like eyeballs, and this ring is perfect! It’s great quality, not heavy, comfortable, the eyeball has a stunning bright color, it’s adjustable, and it’s a medium size! *

Looks like this when putted on *

The next thins is this amazing necklace! It’s a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired necklace! It’s made with brass but it looks quite resistant! <3

The length it’s great in my opinion, not too long or to short, the pattern of the locket it’s gorgeous, Pirates of the Caribbean it’s one of my favorite movies so yes, that means I’m in love with this piece too! <3 It really pop outs in the middle of clothes also I think it’s great for all seasons, btw it looks great with brown ^^

Looks like this when putted on ^^*

Make sure to check out this lovely store, especially if you fun, colorful and original items *


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