Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kawaii Cutie Goddies Review!

Hello lovelies *

Today I will be reviewing a store called Kawaii Cutie!

It’s a lovely store with a lot of cute and beautiful items and accessories! Colorful and fun earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and more!  I will show you a necklace, a ring and a pair of earrings!

Here are the links to the shop:

Let’s get started*

Everything came safely packaged with a lot’s of bubble wrap in a regular envelope, and the items came inside the prettiest organza gift bags! ^^

This was what was inside the envelope*

The business card! It’s so pretty and cute, and the back if glittery!* 

All the stuff!

First I will show you the earrings*

I really really like them, they are so cute and girly. The pastel color is lovely and the pearls give them such a feminine touch.

They aren’t heavy or uncomfortable at all! They look great when putted on. Also they give a very fun (but discrete) touch to your outfit! ^^

They look like this on the ears.

Next I will show you the ring! (that match the earrings)

Again I love the cute pastel color! It’s so girly and look really sweet (:
 The ring it’s very comfortable and it’s also adjustable ^^

Looks like this in the fingers.

Next I will show the lovely necklace I’ve got*


It’s transparent with a unicorn and a star glued in the heart ^^ this necklace is fun and sweet, it’s not heavy or uncomfortable. It will give a lovely look to your outfit *

The length and size of the necklace is great in my opinion, not too long or short and the charm is quite big but still I love it*

Looks like thins when putted on.

Make sure to check out this lovely store! Specially if you like sure, fun and colorful items <3