Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mad Sweets Factory Goodies Review!

Hello ^^

Today I will be reviewing a really cute shop called Mad Sweets Factory! In this store you will be able to find cute and yummy polymer clay creations that will make your day sweeter and sweeter <3

There are various things to choose from. Like necklaces, phone dust plugs, charms, pins, brooches, rings, magnets… Everything looks delicious and really realistic. The creations are inspired in sweet things, desserts and candy! Some examples are macaroons, whipped cream, jelly, ice cream, cookies, cereals, chocolate and more!

The accessories are very girly, fun, original and very well made also they are able to fit in a lot of styles, like fairy kei, sweet lolitas, etc…

Here are the links to this sweet sweet store:

If you like sweet and kawaii acessories make sure to check out this lovely store! <3

Let’s get into the pictures *

Everything came in this envelope, and every item was carefully packaged in bubble wrap!

First I will show you the business card, I love the pretty colors (:

I also got a super sweet note! It’s so kind, I love it! Thank you much <3 And as you can see the paper is super cute and colorful and Liz drew a such a cute doll*

The first item I will talk about is this beautiful Sailor Moon inspired ring! The one I got is dark pink but there are other colors to chose, you can find it here ->

Btw this is what is in the tag of the items*

The other colors available (besides dark pink) are light pink, purple and red! About the ring, well I love it! It’s so pretty and colorful, and it really reminds me of Sailor Moon. The materials of the ring are a plastic rhinestone and the metal ring/base.

I think this piece looks really delicate and truly feminine. The ring it’s not heavy at all,  Actually is really comfortable*

Looks like this on the fingers*

The next thing I will show you is a beautiful spoon necklace!

I think this piece is amazing and eye catching, it’s original and fun. You can use it in every season, every time and pretty much everywhere. Its eye catching but it’s not to extravagant at all*

In my opinion this necklace is stunning! Looks really realistic and delicious, the detailing is amazing *

The strawberry is shiny and looks so real, the whipped cream with the chocolate sprinkles looks so yummy and the cute cookie with a star shape is such a beautiful detail! This piece is truly sweet and girly, if you like sweets and yummy things you will love this necklace*

The spoon looks amazing! It’s shiny and the detailing is beautiful, it looks like a real spoon but of course it’s not heavy like one! This necklace might look heavy but I can assure you it’s not! And as you can see even the back of the spoon is fully detailed with a beautiful pattern*


It looks like this putted on*

And the last item I’m going to show you are two beautiful ice cream brooches!


I really like these brooches! And there are more colors/ flavors to choose from! You can find this product here:

This is another original and cute piece, it’s girly, fun and super sweet! And one thing I didn’t knew about this product is that the brooches are scented! They smell so good I just feel like eating them *

The brooches are detailed and very realistic, and very useful too because you can use them in your clothes, wallet, purse, pencil case, pouch, pillows, etc… You can decorate a bunch of stuff with them! And again everyone will notice how beautiful and sweet this brooches are*

They look like this when putted on* 

And I had another amazing surprise! I wasn’t expecting for this but I loved it

Liz sent me a lovely snack from China! This snack is from a bakery called Kee Wah Bakery! And it’s completely delicious! I had never had this amazing Almond Chips but they are so so so good! *w* They are light and sweet, but not too sweet! I loved them, thank you so much Liz! <3

They look so yummy and smell so good *-* I wish I had a place here in Portugal to buy them ;__;

You should totally check out this store because every item is lovely and yummy! I totally recommend it to everyone o loves sweet, cute and beautiful things <3 So don’t miss out and check out Mad Sweets Factory <3

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