Sunday, August 25, 2013

CANDYLENS G&G Gossip Pink & EOS Tear Violet Circle Lenses Review

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a circle lenses review sponsored by CANDYLENS!

The lenses they kindly sent me are: G&G Gossip Pink, that you can find HERE.

And the EOS Tear Violet lenses, find them HERE.

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First of all the circle lenses came carefully packaged, they came involved in this sponge “thingy”, There was a really big sheet around the lenses, and it was very resistant and tick!

 They also sent me two cute animal lenses cases, and they are matching the color of the lenses, pink case for pink lenses and purple case for the purple lenses.
Such a lovely detail, thank you so much CandyLens.

Here is a lovely card they sent me as well! I loved the cute message and the card itself, the fluffy bear it’s just too cute. They are very kind for sending this, I loved it.
In the back of the card are little golden paws and the link to CandyLens store.

There was also some info on how to take care of your lenses and how to apply them the right way.
Super helpful in my opinion.

1º Lenses.

The pictures of the lenses, in the eyes.

Color and design:    
The color of these lenses are really pretty and vibrant, the design is also very very nice.
I like how the different colors blend into each other, and the combination of every tone and color is very well thought.
If you look really close they don’t look 100% natural and the blending is not amazingly perfect. But they still are really pretty and it’s worth wearing them, I think they do the job!

I think that if they were a little more comfortable they would be almost perfect! But they kinda hurt my eyes a little the first time I used them, however in the second day they were a little less unconfortable.

These lenses aren’t exceptionally big, but they do a nice amount of enlargement in my eyes. They don’t look extravagant, they give a very discrete and natural enlargement to the eyes.

I love the color, the design and the look they give to my eyes, they are pink but they aren't a fake and tacky pink. They would be perfect if they were more confortable and if they blended better. However they are still very nice and pretty.

2º Lenses

The pictures of the lenses, in the eyes.

Color and design:    
These lenses are really simple and super discrete. They just give a tiny hint of purple to the eyes, they have these vibrant purple stripes in the middle, around the lenses there’s a dark circle and the rest is transparent.
Besides having just a little color and a simple design I like them, they give a pretty and shiny look to the eyes.

They are really comfortable, they don’t dry easily, and they didn’t make my eyes hurt. They are very soft and light!

In my eyes the enlargement is almost zero. But that just varies from person to person. So it might work differently for you.

They give a nice look to the eyes and they are super comfortable, but personally I prefer more detailed lenses. But they are great for a more simple look.

Hope you guys liked my review, don’t forget to check out CANDYLENS for lovely lenses at really amazing prices.

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