Monday, August 26, 2013

UNIQSO Princess Mimi Green Apple Circle Lenses Review.

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a circle lenses review sponsored by UNIQSO!
Thank you so much<3

The lenses I will show you are:  Princess Mimi Green Apple

You can find them here: x

UNIQSO sells a big variety of beautiful and high quality circle lenses at great prices. They also have available eye makeup, like mascara, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow and more.

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They kindly sent me a pair of lenses and a lens case, everything came safely packaged in a bubble wrap envelope.

Also they came in this lovely box, I love UNIQSO packaging, the boxes are always so cute and pretty!

Here you can see the amazing detailing of the box, I’m totally going to keep it! In each side of the box there’s a cute carton saying “Thank you” in different languages! 

And as you can see, the lenses came with bubble wrap around them! They wore really secure during the trip.

About the lenses.

Color and design:     
I love the color and design of these lenses. All the colors of the lenses blend very well into each other, the colors are vibrant, shiny and emerald-ish, also they have a pretty gradient effect. They stand out without being creepy, and they don’t give that lizard eye look.
The tiny hint of gold they have in the center gives a sparkly jewel like look. Also the black outer ring is gorgeous, it doesn’t look false, and it works perfectly.
And besides being so detailed and having such a strong color they don’t look fake and vulgar, also they look pretty natural, they blend perfectly in my dark brown eyes.

They are not too drying and they didn’t make my eyes hurt. They are thin, soft and really comfortable to wear. I didn’t had any comfort related problem when I used them.

The enlargement it’s big and completely perfect, they give the perfect dolly look.
Besides being big don’t look creepy and weird at all!
And the black ring around is one of my favorite things, them makes the eyes look even bigger and dolly.

I’m in love with these lenses, they are super comfortable, they blend amazingly, they give a gorgeous look to the eyes, they just have everything.
I really recommend these lenses to everyone!

Full picture with these amazing circle lenses
Thank you so much UNIQSO 

Dont forget to check out UNIQSO, if you love amazing circle lenses!


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  2. Woww you have lovely big eyes! and these lenses look great on you.
    Thanks for this amazing review.
    I also love buying my lenses from uniqso. They are really lovely ^_^