Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hello Guys ^^

I want to introduce a lovely online shop called Faz Jewerly!

This shop is based in Honk Kong and offers something pretty awesome.
The products are all about PETS!

In this shop you will find earrings, key chains, rings, key straps and other accessories in the shape of cute animals! And everything is completely HAND MADE! How cool is that?

Currently the animal shapes available are: Cats, dogs, hedgehogs and chinchillas.
Check it out now! I totally approve this shop, actually I really felt in love with it.

I’m going to show you some available items.

The people running this shop kindly send me a pair of beautiful earrings to review! Thanks you so much <3

Let’s start with the packaging, everything came safely packaged with a lot of bubble wrap!
Also, there was a cute sticker holding the bubble wrap! Lovely and cute detail, its way better than if was just a plain and dull sticker.

Details count a lot when running a shop, and this one knows that.

The card is really cute too, the colors and stripes make it so sweet.
Another little thing I just adored was the pink bone holding the earrings! Another lovely and well thought detail.

The earrings are just wonderful and truly beautiful, they look great when putted on the ears and they are super comfortable.

The detailing on the cat is very good, it’s super realistic. The colors are really vibrant and pretty.


The earrings aren’t too big or to small either, I think the size it’s just right!
As you can see, they look great!

I think these earrings are really unique and fun to wear. There aren’t many people who have things like this. I bet everyone will notice these earrings!

So check Faz Jewerly now!

Don’t miss out!

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