Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hello guys. Today I will be reviewing a pair of platform sneaker kindly sponsored by jimmyfashionsop!

Jimmyfashionshop sells a big variety of cute things, like shoes, backpaps, bags, caps, clothing, and more.  And the items are a really good price, so it’s totally wroth it checking out this store!

They have a store in storenvy and another store on ebay, I will leave you the links.

Storenvy: x
Ebay: x

I was really excited when these shoes came in the mail, I totally love platform shoes and “maxtar” type shoes.

And that’s exactly the shoes I will show you, they are very similar to the maxtar’s popular platform sneakers.

The shoes I chose are white, but they are available in dark blue too.

You can find them here: x

The shoes came in a regular white envelope. Inside were the shoes, with a thing plastic bag around them.

Here are some close ups for you to see all the details existent in the shoes.

 Personally I really like these shoes, they are really really comfortable and easy to walk with. The size is also perfect, they fit perfectly in my feet. Also they look really good in the feet, and they can be matched with pretty much everything.

I don’t have anything negative to point about them, I love them.

As you can see they look amazingly good in the feet! I’m really happy with these shoes, honestly there one of my favorites.

Super comfy, and super pretty <3
Thank you so much jimmyfashionshop!

You can get them here for $35.99!

You can also be really interested in a lot of other cute products in this shop, so check it out guys, it’s totally worth it. <3

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