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KeautyStore Makeup Review! Etude House/ Tonymoly/ Lioele

Hi guys! Today i will be reviewing some lovely products from KeautyStore!
KeautyStore has a huge range of Asian makeup and beauty products! They also sell lovely wigs and circle lenses! And if you don’t want to buy a full cosmetic product, for example a BB cream, you can buy samples from them too!
Ans for you to have na ideia of what they sell, I’m going to show some of the products available:
Now let’s get into the review.
The products came safely packaged in a box, and inside tons of cute pink paper and bubble wrap evolving the items.
KeautyStore Card.

The first product I will talk about is the Lioele Blooming Cherry Lip Tint.
I was very happy to get this Lip Tint, thank you so much KeautyStore!
The packaging is great as you can see, very girly and princess like.
Inside the little box the lip tint has this card thingy to protect it even more! ^^

This is available in 3 different colors, cherry, orange and pink.
This is available in 3 different colors, cherry, orange and pink.
Information about the product:
Name: Blooming Cherry Lip Tint.
Brand: Lioele.
Color: Cherry.
Price: $ 13.20
I really like the applicator, it looks like the applicator of a nail polish, but actually is very handy and easy to use!
Just apply some in your lips with the applicator ( Be careful for don’t put too much!) and spread/Bend with your finger until it looks natural and smooth.
Comparison photos, I used only one coat.
Just look at the difference! It’s truly amazing.
Its lovely pigmented, the color pops out amazingly well on my lips and it looks super super natural! Also, this product has an amazing scent! It smells like sweet summer cherries! Seriously.
Comfort and Texture
The texture of this product is a bit watery, but only in the brush and in the container! In the moment you apply it in your lips your fell nothing, you can’t even notice it is there. It’s really comfortable and it isn’t greasy and sticky, it doesn’t sting or irritate your lips or anything. Also this product doesn’t smudge or spreads all over your mouth area.
Power (Strength and Durability)
Stays in the lips a really long long time! Pretty much all day. You don’t need to worry about retouching.
Like I said before, I love the package of this product. It’s very neat, girly, dolly and princess like. I love the colors and the design! 
I’m in love with this product! It’s my favorite lip tint ever! It really pops in the lips, it looks super natural and it’s really comfortable to wear. Totally recommend this Lip Ting, trust me, you won’t regret if you buy it!

Now I will talk about a lipstick called, Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick!
Information about the product
Brand: Etude House
Color: RD303 (Vivid red)
Price: $13.80
There are 15 colors available!
This lipstick is super pretty and the color is lovely too! Really creamy and it has an amazing scent. 
The packaging is amazing! Simple but beautiful.
The design of the lipstick container is lovely and princess like, I love the pretty pink pastel color of it.
One thing I also love is that the Etude House symbol is engraved in the actual lipstick, great touch.

Comparison photos, I used 2 coats.
It’s really pigmented, rich and vibrant, the color really pops out. It gives a lovely look and pretty color to the lips, and it kinda makes our face “glow”. I think this color is really good for summer.
Power (Strength and Durability)
It lasts about 2-3 hours on your lips, but depends if you are using a lip primer or not. And if you will eat and drink a lot with it. But that’s no problem, just retouch it a little.
Comfort and Texture
It’s really creamy, velvety and smooth, this lipstick it’s really easy to apply, it didn’t give me any problems. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s not super greasy or powdery like some lipsticks.
I really love the packaging! Etude House always has great ideas for the packaging and designs of their products! Looks like a lipstick of a princess!
I really like this product. The lipstick color it’s really pretty and I really like how it comes out in the lips and in pictures. The design it’s really pretty and feminine, and scent is great.

The next product is the Tonymoly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss!
Information about the product
Brand: Tonymoly
Color: Apple Princess
Price: $13.40
There are 7 colors available!
The strawberry princess - Plum princess - Mangosteen princess - Apricot princess, Pomegranate princess - Cherry princess - Apple princess.
Also the packaging is quite lovely too, The transparent package is a great and original idea.
How cute is the apple little head with the smiley face? I’m amazed by it!
And the little green leaf is adorable too!
Besides being cute it’s a really good product, the colors is nice and very very delicate and it smells like real apples, (I’m crazy about the smell of this, it’s great!). It doesn’t have a plastic and face smell like some other fruit/candy lip glosses have.
The applicator is really simple to use (it's a small, diagonal sponge tip with a short brush), it’s not too big or too small.

Comparison photos, I used 2 coats.
The color is very subtle and a bit transparent and shiny. But it sure gives a bit color to your lips. It’s really god if you want a simple and neat look! And about the scent again, I totally love it, the smell of apples it’s really intense (but god!) and sweet. Smells like real apples!
Power (Strength and Durability)
It lasts about 2hours on your lips, which is normal for a lip gloss, but that’s ok, just retouch it a little.
Comfort and Texture
I really like the texture of this, it’s not greasy and sticky at all!  It’s super comfortable to wear and it won’t bother your lips your glue them to each other.
It’s the sweetest thing! I love the fruit princess series, and each fruit is super super cute. The apple is lovely, the head has a little gradient that goes from orange to read, and the tiny green leaf is lovely!
I love it! It’s super cute and the quality of it it’s great! I’m loving the texture, smell and design.

All the products are great in my opinion, I approve all of them, try them and you won’t regret.
And here are the samples KeautyStore kindly sent me! Thank you so much. (go here to buy samples: http://www.keautystore.com/cosmetic-samples-c-216.html)

Let me know what you think guys, hand if you have question don’t hesitate to ask!
And make sure to check out KeautyStore, for love Asian makeup products with really affordable prices!

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