Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello everyone! Today I bring you a circle lenses review sponsored by BEAUTY LENSES!

The lenses I will show you are:  Snow Flake - Aqua, this lenses are only $13.90!!

The lenses came safe in a bubble wrap envelope. 

Here are they, inside more bubble wrap. ^^

You don’t have to worry about the safety your lenses, all the bubble wrap will make them totally safe during the trip.

They kindly sent me an awesome discount code! Thank you so much <3

There was also some info on how to take care of circle lenses and how to use them! I think it’s really good when a circle lenses shop send these! It’s handy and show that they care.

Lenses Info: 
Brand: Beauty Lenses - Snow Flake
Menufacturer : Dueba Contact Lens

Material: Soft hydrogel (Poly HEMA), saline.
Moisture Content: 38 ~ 42% Water
Diameter: 14.3mm
Base Curve: 8.8
Disposable:  up to 1 Year (depends on frequency of use & care). 
Country of origin: South Korea.

Color and design:
I really like the color and the design of these lenses. The blue is really vibrant and the round black ring around the lenses is beautiful. Also they make the eyes really shiny and they give a “Dolly” and sweet look to them.
I have dark eyes so they didn’t blend perfectly but that’s not a very important fact because they give a beautiful look to the eyes.

In comfort I give these lenses 4/5, when I putted them, they kinda irritate my eyes but after a while it got much better, and they got more comfortable.

The enlargement is great! They made my eyes really pop out! I am really satisfied with the enlargement of these lenses, they aren’t extremely big and extravagant, and so they won’t give you that “creepy” look.

Besides the fact that these lenses wore a bit uncomfortable when I first tried them, these lenses are pretty good! And yes the blending (in dark eyes) isn’t 100% perfect, but they are still discrete in darker eyes, and they won’t look ridiculous or tacky. So overall I approve these lenses!

Full picture with the lenses

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