Wednesday, September 4, 2013

EYECANDY'S / Geo Princess Mimi Starmish Brown circle lenses review!

Hi guys, today I will be reviewing a pair of circle lenses that EyeCandy’s kindly sent me, thank you so much. <3

It’s totally worth it check it out, the products are amazing and the prices too! <3

The lenses I will show you are called GEO Starmish Brown.

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 This particular series is produced by Mai Hirosea famous Popteen model from Japan . But these lenses are only available in two colors, brown and black.

As you can see the lenses came safely packaged in a bubble wrap envelope.

The bottles of the lenses came with more bubble wrap around them, also they were inside this lovely tiny bag with silver stars. <3
(Notice the amazing lenses case?)

Detailing of the bag. Super cute right?

Some detailing on the lenses case! I really love it! It’s super cute and it came with a pair of tweezers to pick the lenses!

Now the lenses.

Color and design:    
I really like the color of these lenses, they are bright and vibrant, also they have a beautiful golden honey color that blends very well, especially in brown eyes. I think they are great for a sparkly natural look.
The design has a lovely detailing, but it’s still simple and discrete, and the black circle around the lenses, make the eyes really pop out.
I have nothing to complain about the color and design of these lenses, besides the fact that they could blend a little better, but I still recommend them for anyone who has brown eyes!

They aren’t too thick or drying. Actually I think they are pretty soft. I didin’t had any problem when I used them.

The diameter is quite large, noticeable but not to big too look over the top.
They will give your pretty big eyes, and still look natural. They won’t make you look like an alien or something like that.

I recommend them, they have a pretty design and color, they are pretty comfortable too.  Enlargement is great as well, the only thing It should be better is blending, anything else is pretty good.

Full picture with the lenses.

Thank you so much EyeCandy’s!

Don’t forget to check out EyeCandy’s! You will fall in love with the amazing products they have!

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