Saturday, September 28, 2013

Korea Leggings/ Fashion to Any Review

Hello everyone ^^ 

Today I will be reviewing some products from a store called KOREA LEGGINGS / FASHION TO ANY. 

I will show you 2 pairs of thighs and 1 pair of leggings. 

This store specializes in popular fashion items used in Korea! There's a lot of beautiful stuff to choose from, go take a look (: 

Here are some of the amazing products available in the store:


Here are the links to this lovely shop: 
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Lets start!

As you can see everything came carefully packaged in a box.

Here is everything that they kindly sent to me! Thank you so much <3

Here are the Poker Tights! Personally I think they are very beautiful, original and fashionable.

Also they are really resistant! And the print won't came off during wash!  

Also they fit perfectly! They will fit any size, which is awesome. 

They are  also super comfortable, soft and don't make your skin all itchy! 

As you can see they look great! 

You can find this lovely tights here: (x)

Next I will show you the Tattoo Bird Tights.

This tights are very beautiful and feminine, I think they are just great for spring!  

They have a good quality, the fabric is pretty resistant but still, a little care is always wanted right?  

The little bird is lovely and super detailed, the colors are very vibrant and pretty.  
They fit perfectly, one size fits all and they are super comfortable.

They look like this on the legs, just lovely!

You can find them here: (x)

Next but not least I will shoe you the Half Mesh Leggings!

I'm in love with this product! They are super beautiful, trendy and awesome! They give such a cool look when putted on! 

They are warm and comfortable, the fabric is pretty good, they fit perfectly (one size fit's all), and of course they have a pretty good quality!  

I really like them, actually I'm super please with them, they will be lovely for some cool fall outfits too! 

As you can see they are awesome.
Find them here: (x)

Hope you liked my review!  
And don't forget to check out KOREA LEGGINGS! 

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  1. I kind of like some of those styles. Who knew Korea made some trendy things! Thanks for sharing.
    -Jackie @ leggings for women