Thursday, September 26, 2013

(Beauty Lenses) - Killer Smile Violet Circle Lenses Review

Hi guystoday I will be reviewing a pair of circle lenses that Beauty Lenses kindly sent me, thank you so much. <3 

The lenses I will show you are the Killer Smile - Violet circle lenses, you can find them here (x) for only $13.90! 

Beauty Lenses is a lovely online shop that sells a wide range of circle lenses at incredibly cheap prices!  

Lets start then! 

as you can see everything came carefully packaged in a standard bubble wrap envelope. 

I really like the way Beauty Lenses pack's the circle lenses they sent, you can make sure that everything will be sent to you super safely packaged! No risk of damage at all! 

They also sent me a clear circle lenses case as usual.

And they sent me a  little instruction guide too. Which I think is super handy <3

And here are the lenses!

Color and design:
The color and design of these lenses are both gorgeous. The colors are very vibrant and shiny and the design is subtle, detailed and pretty. 
They give a lovely dolly look to the eyes, also they look really natural and blend pretty well.

In the comfort area I will give these lenses a 5. They are pretty comfortable and don't dry easily. Also they are very soft..

In the enlargement area I have to give these lenses a 3/5, I have to say that I didn't notice a noticeable difference between my natural eyes and my eyes with them on.  
Yes they do enlarge but in my eyes that's not very noticeable, but of course it depends from person to person.

I have to say that I really like these lenses! In fact I like them a lot! They are incredibly pretty,  comfortable and they blend great, the only thing I have to point out is the enlargement, but honestly that's not a problem to me! 
If you don't care much about enlargement, I totally recommend them! (:

Full pictures using the lenses.
(Click to enlarge).

I hope you liked my review! And don't forget to check out Beauty Lenses! <3 

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