Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bellast Jewelry Review!

Hello guys! 
Today I am happy to review 3 pieces of jewelry from Bellast Jewelry! 
Bellast has to offer a wide range of amazing jewelry. They offer fine jewelry at an incredibly affordable price, you will find fashionable jewerly with a great prices, fast free shipping and a lovely costumer service!  
They eliminate unnecessary costs and they offer the lowest possible prices to customers worldwideBellast is committed to providing high quality jewerly for everyone.

Here are the links to Bellast, make sure to check it out!
-Online shop_x

Let's start then!

As you can see everything came safely packaged in a bubble wrap envelope, but inside that envelope was another envelope with the jewelry, which is great! And each piece came in an individual clear plastic bag! 

First I will show you the Sterling Silver snake Chain Necklace, that you can find here (x). 

My thoughts on this piece? I think it's really beautiful and resistant! This piece won't break any soon! It's heavy and but it is super comfortable to wear. 

 It's really easy to style because it goes with everything. It's simple and really pretty, it's makes an all outfit better, and it's perfect for  both formal and casual outfits. 
And it looks great when you put it on. 

Honestly it's one of my favorites now! Recommend it! 

The second piece is the Fishbone Chain Necklace, you can find it here (x). 

This piece is also beautiful! More detailed then the snake chain and it has the same perks! It goes with just everything, it's perfect for any outfit and any occasion. 

Also is really really resistant, and comfortable to wear too. 
I think it's a great investment to buy this piece and the snake one, they go with everything, and they are incredibly resistant, and of course their price is really affordable. 

And last but not least, I will be showing you another beautiful necklace! It's an Heart pendant Necklace! 

You can find it here (x). 
This piece is incredibly girly and sweet! Very delicate and feminine, it's lovely for girly , pink. lace  outfits.  

I really like it, it looks really good when putted on and it's just adorable! 

My final thoughts? Well I totally recommend any of the pieces I presented here, and I strongly suggest you to visit Bellast Jewerly website, they have tons of beautiful items with an amazing price! Check it out, you won't regret it.

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