Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing an amazing product that Cosmetic Love kindly sent me <3 
Thank you so much! 

 Cosmetic Love is and online store that sells popular (and amazing!) Asian cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products and more! Check this store out, the prices are great and the products too! 

Here are the links to Cosmetic Love: 
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Here are some of the ton of products available in Cosmetic Love!

The product is the HOLIKA HOLIKA HEARTFULL GLOSSY LIPSTICK! This lipstick really caught an eye on me, because it's heart shaped! How lovely is that? 
Honestly I've never saw a lipstick with such a sweet shape.

You can find this lipstick here (x) for $11.61 only!
There are 7 colors available.

The products came safely packaged in a box with tons bubble wrap evolving the product.

They also sent me some samples! Thank you so much <3


The packaging of this product is super pretty! Really girly, sweet and simple! It's not extravagant or exaggerated at all, also the lettering and colors are lovely. 
This is a small lipstickabout half the size of a normal one (if you compare it to MAC, etc)

The tube looks like the traditional lipstick tube of the early 60′s. Lipsticks and makeup in general back in the day weren't big like the products we have now. 
And honestly I'm loving that detail! It looks way more girly and delicate with the small cute size. And because isn't to big it's really travel friendly. 

The design of the lipstick itself makes a lot of people fall in love with it! Who doesn't want a lovely heart shaped lipstick?! 

 But don't be scared because of being heart shaped, trust me, it's super easy to apply!  
At the first look the colors might look to bright and pigment, but they aren't, they give a beautiful shiny natural look. 

The packaging t's pretty nice quality, but still be careful, don't throw it around everywhere! Because it might break, it's not make of adamantium right?  

The quality of the lipstick itself is amazing! I really like it. The formula is soft, creamymeltyand super hydrating. 
It gives a lovely shiny look to the lips and full opaque coverage.

No kidding, I'm really pleased with this lipstick, the quality is amazing, the colors is natural and shiny, super hydrating, 100% full coverage, I love it! And I really recommend it to anyone!

picture using the product
(click to enlarge)

Hope you liked my review <3 And don't forget to check out Cosmetic Love!

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