Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Born Pretty Store - Neo Angel Color Circle Lenses Review

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing 3 pairs of circle lenses that BornPrettyStore kindly sent me! Thank you so much <3

BornPrettyStore is an amazing online store that sells a big variety of stuff, circle lenses, makeup, clothes, stationary, nail products and much much more!

Here is the links to this amazing store: 

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Trust me it’s totally worth it checking it out.

The lenses I will be reviewing are the Neo Angel Color lenses, in grey, blue and purple!

You can find them here for 20.98$ only!

The lenses came safely packaged inside a bubble wrap envelope.

Also, everything came inside this tick protective sheet, there was tons of it! It was impossible for the lenses get damaged.

They also sent me 3 blue lens cases (:

What do I thing about the lenses?

Color and design: 5
The color and the design of all these lenses it’s super pretty. They are very subtle, so you can use them daily without looking creepy, you will still intensify your look and have pretty dolly eyes.
They all have very vibrant and natural colors also they blend very very well in my eyes.
The design is nice and simple and amazingly natural.
Comfort: 5
These lenses are amazingly comfortable, they are thin and soft. Seriously, they are one of the most comfortable lenses I ever used, also didn’t make my eyes dry and hurt at all! Also they are super easy to apply.
Enlargement: 4
They have a very nice and subtle enlargement. They give a lovely natural dolly look.
Overall: 5
I love them so much! Honestly these lenses are one of my favorites, super comfortable, amazingly pretty with a lovely color and design, and natural looking! I totally recommend them to everyone.

Don’t forget to check out BornPrettyStore for awesome stuff!

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