Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glucose Girls Goodies Review!

Hello ^^

Today I will be reviewing a store called Glucose Girls! In opinion this store is really sweet and fun! Everything is full of color and looks super yummy! The owner of the shop is a really sweet girl called Miranda Sharp*

Glucose Girls are inhabitants of the Galactose Galaxy. They are sculpted from the sweet environment around them. Many are born to be fighters, protecting the planets they come from. My shop sells products based on their world, all designed and made by me. Please enjoy your look around.

This is what says in the store, how cool is that?!

In the shop you will find really original and fun headbands and beautiful stickers too! The products are based on delicious candy! I will show you 2 whipped cream headbands and 3 stickers.

Here are the links to the shop!

And here are the links to the headbands and stickers I will show you:

Purple Whipped Liberty Headband

Blue Whipped Liberty Headband

Ice Cream Station Sticker

Planet Hard Candy Sticker

Planet Pulp Sticker

Now the pictures ^^

Everything came in this pretty pink box*

Also I got a lovely surprise! 2 cute permanent tattoos! (A cupcake and a lollipop tattoo) and a beautiful Glucose Girl poster * also in the back of the poster was a cute note <3

This is the business card, it’s so pretty.
I love all the colors and the pretty glucose girl!

The headbands!

 These headbands are in pastel blue and purple colors! They are handmade with fake black whipped cream, but the whipped cream can be white too! 

I like the headbands a lot, the whipped cream idea is great! I’d never saw a whipped cream headband before!

They look and are very durable and really comfortable to wear during all the day* the pastel purple and blue are such pretty colors that match perfectly with the black whipped cream.

This is a very original and fun idea, they are spike headbands made with fake whipped cream, edgy and really sweet at the same time.

They look great on the head, they really pop out! They are super eye catching but not to extravagant at all! I think the headbands give a really fun, sweet and edgy look to any outfit! And the pastel colors are just beautiful* they are great to use in a big variety of occasions and in all the seasons too *

The stickers!

Ice Cream Station Sticker

Planet Hard Candy Sticker

Planet Pulp Sticker

The stickers are really fun, colorful and sweet! I think they are great to give live to a notebook, to your walls, to a journal, your school stuff, a mirror, etc! They are truly beautiful and eye catching! And you can buy shirts with the picture of all the Glucose Girls planets (there are 4 planets) just visit:

So if you’re into sweet and yummy things don’t miss out and visit this super cute store! <3 And become a Glucose Girls too!

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