Friday, August 24, 2012

Mademoiselle Opossum Goodies Review!

Hello ^^ Today I will be reviewing a store called Mademoiselle Opossum! It’s a friendly store based in Berlin, they have a lot of Japanese street fashion inspired items, he items are great for people o like fairy kei, pastel colors and sweet things! And they take custom order too <3 Everything has really pretty colors, and you will find a lot of sweets, candy inspired things, deco stuff, clothing, bows and cute crochet items*

Here are the links to the store :

Don’t miss out and check it out!*

I will show you 2 lovely items, a cute bow and a cupcake necklace!

The goodies came inside in this cute bag* 

All the stuff^^

In the package was also gummy candy! How cute and the candy is delicious!

This is the card/ poster! In front there’s a cute paper doll and in the back all the info* So cute <3

Also there was this cute sticker with the name and logo of the store*

The cupcake necklace is really cute and detailed! Which I love, it has pretty blue pearls and rhinestones, and 2 cute tiny gaming cards! I really like the pastel colors, it looks super sweet and girly <3 

in the back there's a cute pastel blue bow^^

I think this piece is really fun to wear and will give a super sweet look to your outfit!

Looks like this when putted on! The length it’s just great and it’s not a heavy necklace.

I’m completely in love with the bow! It’s made with a transparent glittery plastic, and in the middle of the plastic layers it has 2 cute pastel stars, one on each side of the bow. It’s so pretty and big!

I think you can use this bow in different ways too, in your hair or you can also use it in your clothes, in a bag,etc! I will give a really cute and fun touch to your outfit.

 Here are some examples how you can use it, looks great pretty much everywhere*

So if you like cute, sweet and fun items make sure to check out this lovely shop *w*
Don’t miss out!<3


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