Friday, August 17, 2012

Miss Cats Goodies Review!

Hello ^^

Today I will be reviewing a store called Miss Cats!

In this store you will find a lot of beautiful pin up, rockabilly, tattoo inspired jewelry! There’s a lot of cherry’s, polka dot, bows, anchors, skulls and pretty colors! Plus there’s so many things to choose from, everyone will like it *


And there’s free shipping in the products! So don’t miss out!

Here are the links to the store:

Etsy shop ->

Blogspot ->

Facebook ->


Now the pictures!

The envelope is really cute because of the decoration! The cute bird and the anchor is the back are lovely*

The goodies came in this cute envelope ^^

Such a pretty business card :D

The first item I will show you is this cute bow! It’s a purple bow with white polka dots and with a pretty anchor in the middle of the bow.

I like the bow a lot, it’s so pretty! It’s great for summer and spring also it really pop out’s in the hair. The purple is eye catching and vibrant!

It’s super girly and with a rockabilly/ pin up touch to it! Because of the lovely anchor <3

The back of the bow*

Looks so cute in the hair*

The next and last thing I will show you is this pretty cameo necklace, it’s a pretty yellow bow cameo with a skeleton lady inside! So edgy and girly*

The necklace has a really pretty yellow <3 it really pops out, especially in clothes with a single color and without a big detailed pattern.

It’s super edgy but really feminine at the same time and I really like that* about The length, it’s quite long but not too long!

It looks like this when putted on! As you can see it really pop outs in simple clothing!*


Make sure to check out this shop, especially if you like edgy and sweet stuff with a retro touch <3



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