Thursday, July 12, 2012

Black Widow Lip Balm Review!

Hi (:
So I have a lip balm review!! It’s the Black Widow Lip Balm!
How cool is that name?

Wait to see the design of the logo!

Something about these lip balms that I love is that they are cruelty free!
There exist 7 lip balms so far and they are all scented! (like cinnamon, raspberry, lavender, etc…) and also they are so freakin’ smooth on the lips, it’s just like velvet, I love them, and they last a long time on the lips, which it’s great. Honestly im in love with this lip balms.

 They have a great quality and are incredibly affordable.

You can find this great shop here:

Honestly make sure to check it out!


so cute n_n

The first image -> STICKERS! :D

The design it's so cool :*

The lip balm on the lips!


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