Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Karilan Designs Fairy Dust Earrings Review!

Hello ^^

So Karilan Designs sent me a very cute package in the mail ^^

She sent me a lovely pair of earrings ^^

I’m going to show them to you <3 and talk a little bit about them too


But first of you can find this lovely store here: - Etsy Shop


Make sure to check it out :*

The earrings are so cute <3 They are a purple fairy dust glitter bottle earrings, I really liked them, they just seem magical to me 

Very cute card :*

 I love the little butterflies ^^

I found out that inside the envelope the earrings came in wore this little cute and tiny hearts and stars! How sweet <3

Now the earrings*

They are so pretty, I really like the purple glitter dust, I think these earrings are great for spring and summer, they look so magical <3 and they are not heavy at all or uncomfortable (:

They look so feminine and delicate, they give a really girly touch to your outfit and they are eye catching but discreet at the same time! Really fun to wear but they are not to extravagant <3

In the ears they look like this, I love it! <3

In the ears they look like this, I love it! <3


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