Saturday, July 14, 2012

Le Studio du Chat Beige Goodies Review!

Hello ^^

So I got in the mail some lovely products from Le Studio du Chat Beige

The products I got wore a beautiful navy blue bow with a golden helm, a big white bow ring and a sailor inspired cameo anchor necklace, and it’s navy blue as well ^^

I really like the items, they all seem sailor inspired to me, and they look very good all together in one outfit, they are simple but they give a great touch to an outfit and also they are very girly and cute as well <3

You can find this lovely shop here:

The card it's so cute, and I really like the logo and the store name <3

Everything came in this super cute heart shaped box! I really liked the box, this details make everything much better and sweet, it’s so thoughtful of the shop owner care  about this details, because in the end it matters, it’s way much better get the products in a beautiful box like this one that getting the in a plain boring envelope! So thank you so much for this lovely box <3 

Now the pictures of the products ^^

The anchor necklace

Looks great when putted on ^^

It's so pretty <3 and the detailing It's great , I think this necklace looks great with simple white clothes, like a button down white shirt, tucked in a navy blue pencil skirt and with some simple classic shoes ^^ gives such a classic touch :*

The navy blue bow with a golden helm 

This bow is so pretty! I love the way it looks in the hair, and in my opinion I think it could be perfectly use as a bow tie! Because of the alligator clip it can be easy lipped in a shirt or even something else, like a fun accessory for a shoulder bag! So it’s very very very useful, you can use it just the way you like ^^

Big white bow ring

I love this ring, it’s so big and feminine and it looks great on the fingers, I think this ring can be used with pretty much every coordinate  :)

And last but not least

make sure to check out this lovely shop <3

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