Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wonderful Moments and Cute and Wonderful Goodies Review!

Hello ^^ I’ve got in the mail a lovely package from Wonderful Moments and Cute and Wonderful

In Wonderful Moments you will find girly and a lot of kawaii jewelryAnd in Cute and Wonderful you will find a lot of kawaii crafting supplies ^^

So I’m going to talk a little bit about and show you the lovely goods I got from these stores
I got some really cute necklaces, a bracelet and squishies ^^

You can find this lovely stores here ^^
Wonderful Moments (Jewelry):

Cute and Wonderful (Supplies):

Now onto the pictures of the stuff I got (:

The lovely card i got ^^

I love the little bow <3

 Wonderful Moments Card*

Cute and Wonderful card*

The Squishies!


rilakkuma bear! n_n

The little bow and the tiny bite ^^, how cute*

I really like this squishies, and one thing I didn’t knew about them is that they are scented! They smell so so good! I was happily surprised ^^

I love the colors and how soft they are.

Ice cream cone:*


This one smells so so good *w* I wish i could eat it T_T''
The cream looks so yummy *w*

The Necklaces!

I love this necklace! It’s so pretty and girly, and the colors is such a cute pink too.

Putted on looks like this:*

How kawaii! >_<* omg and the color is perfect!

Putted on looks like this:*

I love this one ^^, I love them all actually xD*
The detailing on the hand is lovely.

Putted on looks like this:*

The Bracelet!

I love this bracelet, it’s so feminine and delicate, I don’t know why but it reminds me of spring and fresh flowers <3

It gives such a cute touch to your outfit :*

How it looks on the wrist:*

And I also got this really cute goodie <3

Make sure to check out these lovely stores, they are filled with kawaii items! <3

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