Friday, July 13, 2012

XENIA KUHN, spike headband and spike bracelet Review!

Hello ^^

So i got some lovely items from Xenia Kuhn, Xenia is a great fashion designer from Germany ^^ In her shop you will find unique pieces designed and handmade by her.
I really like the items I’ve got, they have a really great quality, my favorite pieces in her shop are the spike headbands and bracelets ^^

When I saw the package she sent me I was happily surprise, because the packages are incredibly beautiful! The detailing of the envelopes is so sophisticated and dedicated, I felt in love whit them.

You can find her amazing shop here:

Check out her amazing and unique designs <3

How beautiful is that? <3 the detailing is amazing

Lovely card (:

Now the items!

*~Spike headband~*


*~Spike Bracelet~*

such a lovely blue *-*

And last bue not least ^^

Make sure to check out the lovely creations of the amazing designer Xenia Kuhn <3

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