Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Mouse Market Ring Review!

Hello ^^

So I’ve got a super sweet gift in the mail from a shop called The Mouse Market!

They sent e a really cute ring, it’s a tiny cappuccino ring, and it as a little sugar cookie with colorful sprinkles too! I really like the ring, it’s super kawaii , delicate and it looks so realistic <3
Looks good enough to eat *-*

Here are the links to this super sweet shop:
*Website  ->

In this shop you will find a lot of yummy realistic food jewelry , miniatures and tutorials!

Now the pictures*

Lovely package

Also I got this really cute stickers ^^

The card*

How cute!! <3 I love the note <3

The ring!*

I really like the details in this ring, everything 
is so well done, and it looks so perfect 
and flawless, the little heart in the cappuccino it’s 
gorgeous! And the sprinkles in the 
heart shaped cookie are delightful.

And it looks great when putted on! I like it so 
much, it’s so girly and delicate <3

Make sure to check out this beautiful store, I strongly recommend it! It’s great if you want unique, yummy and appetizing items, and there’s a lot to choose from <3