Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tizzalicious Goodies Review!

Hello ^^
I got a lovely package in mail from Tizzalicious!
I got some lovely pink sailor inspired studs and some teal owl bobby pins ^^
I really like the items I’ve got, they look great when putted on.

You can find the studs here:

You can find this cute store here:

Make sure to check this shop out ^^ It’s a lovely store with a big variety of handmade goods, kawaii, kitsch, rockabilly and tons of cute things J
The products are very well made and affordable!

The pictures!

So cute <3 Lots of pink! I love it.

cute card n_n

I love notes like this! Thank you so much dear <3

Also i got this cute surprise ^^

The studs!

I love the way they look on the ears.

The bobby pins!

They look great *_* so cute and such a great color 


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