Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cutesy Couture Goodies Review!

Hi ^^

I’ve got some goodies in the mail from Cutesy Couture, I was so excited when I saw the package! ^^

I received some lovely items from this kawaii shop, a llavender HUGE bow, I didn’t expect it would be so big I was happily surprised when I saw it! I love big bows *-* Some cute Barbie stud earrings and two Barbie rings as well, one is hot pink and the other is light pink ^^ Thank you so much dear for this cute  items J

You can find the store here:

Make sure to check this shop out! It’s a super kawaii n_n
The items are so cute and girly, and very affordable! 

Now the pictures of the products ^^

awnn so kawaii n_n

The bow i was talking about, so big and pretty 

Barbie stud earrings, to bad the picture is blurry T_T

the barbie rings.

This is how the studs look like when putted on in the ears ^^ I really like their size and color, they look so cute on the ears

this is the other ear hee XD*
Another perspective for you guys 

Hot pink ring

and light pink ring
I really like the size of the rings :)

Just look at this bow! It’s so perfect! The color, the size, everything!

This picture is pretty much like the other one above but I just really love this bow 

Thank you so much for this lovely gift honey, everything is so kawaii <3

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