Monday, July 9, 2012

ISZO FASHION Circle Lens Review! EOS Starry Eye Blue!

Hi ^_^
I received a lovely package in the mail from
So I have a review to show you guys ^^ It’s a circle lenses review! The circle lenses name is EOS Starry Eye Blue!

You can find the store here:
Make sure to check it out! n_n

Super cute box! <3*


Lovely Lens Case <3*

So about the lenses I like them! But I think they are a bit too extravagant, way they are very eye catching! The enlargement is nice great and I think this lenses are great for pictures or to achieve a edgy look!  

*~Natural Lighting~*


*~with flash~*

*~just one lens in~*

Now some information!
Brand: EOS
Lens Name: EOS Starry Eye Blue
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Origin: Korea
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Enlargement: 4/5
Color: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Good Enlargement
They are comfortable
Eye catching
Great for edgy looks, pictures and cosplay!
Good for light blue/ green eyes

Maybe a little to extravagant for some people
Not very good for darker eyes in my opinion

*~full picture using them~*



  1. Wow~ they loook really nice, thanks for the review! they're super light blue ^_^

  2. I've been dying to see a review of these!! I've been trying to choose blue cosplay lenses and I wanted something opaque and dramatic but I hate lenses with a really solid, round pupil hole. These look perfect!!