Monday, July 30, 2012

Beau Xoxo Flower Garland Review!

Hello ^^

I’ve got a super sweet gif fro Beau Xoxo ^^ It’s a beautiful flower garland with purple and pink flowers (: I really like it, it’s great for spring and summer <3

You can find the links to this great store here:

It’s a really cool store with a lot of cute, handmade hair accessories. There’s a lot to choose from in this shop, everything is so girly and beautiful *

And now a lot of items are on sale so don’t miss out!

Now let’s get on to the pictures *


The sticker is so pretty, I love all the cute and girly colors ^^ and the wrapping paper is lovely, hot pink and with glitter!<3


Such a cute business card and a lovely post card with a super sweet note! I love it*

The flower garland*


I really like this item, it’s so girly, feminine and delicate. IT reminds me of fairies or some enchanted story ^^
The colors are really soft and pretty, the combination of the pink and purple it’s wonderful*


This is how it looks when putted on the hair, I think it looks great! It’s perfect, it gives a very feminine , delicate and fun look to your outfits, and it’s not extravagant at all, I love that !<3

Make sure to check out this lovely store for wonderful and delicate items <3


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