Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vae Nox Jewelry Review!

Hello (:

So a lovely shop called Vae Nox sent me some amazing pieces of jewelry in the mail! I really like this shop in fact it’s one of my favorites ever, I totally recommend it to everyone o wants some beautiful and reactive jewelry.
In this shop you will find items Inspired by Victorian, Goth, Steampunk, alternative themes/universes.  A lot of gorgeous cameos, pendants, beautiful chokers, rings, brooches and more.

There is a lot of variety and a lot to choose from too. It’s impossible not to love this shop!

And the shop owner, Kim, it’s such a sweet person to talk with<3 She is so nice and polite ^^ I really enjoyed talking to her.

You can find the shop here:

• We heart it account:

• Deviantart account:

Now the pictures!*

The logo is so cute * and the everything is carefully packaged inside little beautiful black bags

The card is so cool, I love the colors and the design.

The jewelry !*

I will start with this Day of the Dead bracelet, I really like it! I love how the pearls look like with the skulls, is a great combination. This bracelet is edgy but elegant at the same time, looks good with pretty much everything!

Looks great on the wrist, I really really like it!

Next I’ve got this beautiful evil eye ring! I’m totally loving it, it’s edgy and really fun to wear! It’s such a cool piece of jewelry to have <3

The colors and the design of the eye is awesome too *

Looks great in the fingers*

Now I will show you this gorgeous evil eye chocker! I love it, it’s perfect, and in fact I think all Vae Nox jewelry is perfect, I just love everything. But about this choker, I really like the design and color of the eye and the little bows in the chains are marvelous, all the details are to die for.

This piece is so elegant and edgy, it’s creepy, but in a good way and it’s completely eye catching.  

How cute is that little heart detail?! <3 So thoughtful* It says in the heart "made with love <3"

Looks great on the neck!<3

Next it’s another stunning choker, seriously Vae Nox chockers are incredible! I love this one too, the skeleton hand is a great idea, and the colors look great together. It’s a perfect piece for a edgy and elegant look! And still very feminine and super original. Another eye catching piece, Vae Nox items are all delightfully eye catching and unique.

The bow is such a cute touch, all the details are so well thought <3

Putted on looks like this. Stunning*

And last but not least I will show you this lovely cameo pendant necklace! Another wonderful and flawless piece, it’s incredible how everything is so perfect. You will never be disappointed if you buy some of Vae Nox creations!

I’m amazed by all the cute details and the colors. Feminine, edgy, elegant and creepy! Pure perfection to me <3 This piece is so fantastic, it’s truly beautiful. And the little keys and charms are such a cute touch.

Putted on looks wonderful*

I really like this shop, like I said before it’s one of my favorites, the items in this amazing shop will give a really edgy and unique look to your outfits, and all the pieces are enchanting, beautiful and eye catching. I strongly recommend Vae Nox to everyone! And there are so many great items to choose from, you will want them all!<3


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