Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cute & Curious Necklace Review!

Hello ^^
So I got a lovely gif in the ail from the shop Cute & curious <3 I’e got a super cute necklace, I really like it, it’s pink, black and full of cuteness. -> Etsy Shop

Make sure to check out this great shop, the pieces are handmade and very original, also they fit in a lot of fashion styles

The name of the necklace in the shop is super cute hot pink bow and heart necklace sweet Lolita and right now is on sale (: ——  it was $13 and now is only $8!! ——

The pictures =^w^=

The necklace came in a lovely and colorful envelope ^^ And also there was something I love! A little sweet handwritten note, so personal and thoughtful *
Plus there was such a cute Rilakkuma pin as well

 The cute note and pin *

The business card with all the info (: The card is so cute too, I really like the cartoons and the colors in it *

The necklace*
The necklace was inside a little plastic envelope with another cute business
 card too

I really like the necklace, the colors are strong and beautiful. I adore the cute bow and daggling heart .
The necklace gives a very girly and fun look, and you won’t need a lot of jewelry pieces when using this necklace, because this piece is already eye catching <3 The colors are neat and strong, and the necklace has a great quality too.

Looks great when putted on (:  I really like the length of this piece.

Make sure to check out this lovely shop for cute items <3

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