Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crafts from Mars - Day of The Dead - bracelet review!

Hello ^^

Crafts from Mars sent me a really cute bracelet in the mail ^^ I really like it, specially the color <3

You can find the links to the store here:

In the shop there are a lot of colors and packs of bracelets to choose from *
Make sure to check it out<3

The pictures*

The card <3

It’s a blue skull bracelet, this bracelet gives a really edgy and fun look to your outfits I think, and it’s no to extravagant or anything like that, it’s fun but quite discreet actually, gives a very nice detail to your coordinates.

The bracelet it’s not heavy or uncomfortable, it fits my wrist perfectly! Also I think it’s a great jewelry item for summer.

Looks great on the wrist (:


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