Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pretty Pollyanna Kitty Headband Review!!!

Hello! ^^ I got something so lovely in the mail! It’s a kitty headband with an adorable bow! Now I have my own adorable neko ears! I love this item so much! *-*

Everything in this shop is so lovely and kawaii! And this store has so many wonderful items! Like purses, key chains, animal, heard, bows, French barrettes, headbands, hairclips and also lovely jewelry items! And everything is handmade with lots of love <3

Here is the links to the store ^^

 Super sweet note! I loved it so much ^^ it made me smile n_n <3

 it’s so kawaii! *_*

Make sure to check this shop out!  It’s completely kawaii! I just love everything in there n_n


  1. Thanks so much Nenuka! You're really sweet, and you look so pretty as a neko girl (*⌒▽⌒)ノ~♥