Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Is The Bubbles Necklace Review!!

Ok so today i have a review to show you guys! I was so excited when I got this in mail! It’s a lovely necklace from Life Is The Bubbles!


It’s the Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Bottle Necklace with a lovely Key Charm


I chose the key charm but there are other choices as well ^^ a key charm, a rabbit charm or a mushroom charm ^^

It’s a lovely bottle necklace inspired in Alice in Wonderland with a little “Drink Me” message in front of the bottle! How cute!


Everything in the shop is so adorable and original, every item looks that came out of a fairy tale, everything piece of jewelry looks magical ^^, and each piece of jewelry in the store is individually hand crafted!


And other thing that I loved is that the shop owners are so so so sweet! I loved talking to them ^^


Make sure to check out this wonderful store, here are the links! 



Etsy Shop:

And now the pictures!

How cute! <3 

 It’s so adorable ^^

I love this necklace so much! *-*

 Thank you so much for this wonderful necklace!
Make sure to check this store out! It's lovely <3

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